About TekResource

Transforming your Business... through enhanced leads..

TekResource is an IT company providing robust and innovative services for clients with a single mission ''client success is our success''. We always envision IT as a platform to learn and experience technological innovations. Hence, we always keep ourselves in pursuit of something as a way to achieve perfection.

We constantly research, evolving digital marketing techniques and formulate cutting edge strategies which guarantee our clients an advantage over their competitors.

Our customized and on-demand Web, Interactive, Mobile and Digital Marketing solutions help companies’ to build strong service/product brand, run successful campaigns and achieve greater ROI on their technology and marketing investments.

We take care of your integrated marketing campaign, branding, interactive marketing and lead generation activities through our solutions. We provide next generation and high potential Mobile solutions that take a leap towards new technology handheld devices and open up opportunities among your end users to find, connect and understand your business much better than ever.

At TekResource, we care about the issues that are at top of the mind of any business owner, CEO, IT head and marketers. We work on increasing brand awareness, run cost effective operations, build strong sales pipeline and achieve greater ROI. Our solutions are tightly integrated to support small and medium size companies to maintain their competitive advantage at the same time.

Our blended delivery methodology combines industry knowledge and project management that leads to significant cost advantages to offshore projects. In addition, our best-in-class talent excels due to our philosophy of continuous skills training as well as their long-term, deep experience with multiple client projects.

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