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Effective website designing is a mixture of art and functionality. Our web design and development team understands that every website has to meet its purpose and talk to a specific target audience and deliver on a communication and functionality promise. So with the help of best in the industry tools and skill sets, the professional web development team comes out with websites that deliver on the client’s expectations and that of ours as well.

To make a website development a success for the business and for us, the key is responsiveness. To be able to respond quickly and knowledgably to your client and understand what the business needs and evolve your strategy and implementation around that. We pride ourselves of being a responsive web development services company India and a digital marketing agency for all businesses.

Well managed and integrated systems at work allow clients to seek the best output from TekResource
E-Commerce Solutions

Whether you need a simple online store, brochure or complex interactive web site using shopping basket systems with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, password protected areas and powerful search facilities.

TekResource scan produce a professional quality web site and integrate a marketing program to promote your business on the Internet.

By connecting customers, suppliers and potential clients straight into your own systems, you can manage information effectively and capitalize on new business opportunities, whilst making your business truly global. E-Commerce website connects your business to the online world, By developing your own E-Commerce website or portal, you can showcase your offerings among online customers and earn extra revenues by selling them to these customers.

You know your business best - it makes sense that you or your staff can login and instantly make changes to your web site. Your existing customers will appreciate knowing your web site is up to date, you're publishing your latest prices and information immediately to millions of potential customers - local and international - and you also save money and wait time because you're easily doing it yourself!

TekResource, from its web development center in India offers you expert E-Commerce website development services. We have prior experience in this field and ensure that our designed website is user friendly so that customers can easily browse products and buy them conveniently.

At TekResource, we follow a well-defined process to develop an E-Commerce website. Initially, we start with preliminary analysis of your requirements and create a concept/ information flow to fulfill them. Basis on it, our design team creates a website prototype or a template to give you a brief idea about website look and feel.

After the brief consultation and taking your approval on the template, our coding team incorporates functionality into it to develop your own E-Commerce website. It is then go through to several quality tests to ensure all bugs get fixed and site is ready to GO LIVE!

At TekResource, our human resource is as good as anybody else in the business. Our coding team holds expertise in popular development languages like ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion etc and has prior experience in integrating third party payment gateways like, Paypal etc.

Website Design

At TekResource, our website designs are original and totally custom. That's because we build your website from the ground up. We start the creative process by first listening to your goals and understanding the purpose of your website.

TekResource concentrates on professional Web design that improves the user experience and conveys a clear message; Web development that simplifies online processes and makes your Web site 'feel' great; and implementation that keeps your site flexible and reliable so your business can prosper.

Our website developers design & build websites that will promote you company into the area of interactive business.

Entrust us to create professional Web site designs that will 'Wow' your visitors and put you one step ahead of your competitors. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate on your next project. You have nothing to lose.

Content Management System

Site can easily be edited via content management system, giving you the power to keep your site up to date. Content area of each page is editable via a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor with an interface similar to popular word processors.

With CMS you can create customer satisfaction by having fresh, accurate information on your site increasing the 'speed to market' of changes and new content posting specific information. Increase your search engine rankings by updating your site more often tweaking your content to relate to your specific keywords.

Improve your satisfaction with the web site by quickly responding to market changes making changes immediately via your web browser

Content Management System (CMS) allows you to edit or update your existing static site along with dated information easily. Which facilitates to: convert all your current static pages to dynamic pages, ability to manage content via HTML, adding, editing or updating website content instantly and adding custom graphics and images to content easily.

We download your existing site to our local server convert it into dynamic pages and design Admin location for you to manage your content.

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