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When we know better, we do better.

Individual training and feedback is undoubtedly the most powerful way to develop people in today’s complex business environment.

Whether it is an individual executive in a new politically charged position, a group of people seeking to align and perform as a team, or an individual contributor needing reinforcement and guidance with applying a new skill set, training offers the focus and individual attention that fuels rapid development.

All of our trainers are experienced executives, so they understand the job, the environment, and the pressures. They provide valuable and credible coaching that makes a difference. We offer three delivery models to fit your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

Executive/Individual Training: We employ a proven six-step training process in our executive training engagements. Our executive training is targeted toward the highest priority goals, based on a high level of mutual trust and respect, and filled with candid dialog and feedback. As experienced executives, our trainers provide valuable insights and suggestions that foster rapid development in the areas of highest impact.

Team Training: Our team training is designed for executive teams, project teams, and department teams that need to work more effectively as a group. We start with individual interviews and team analysis, and then develop recommendations and a plan to address the findings and team goals. We work with the individuals, and the group as a whole, to build trust, align goals, and move the team to higher levels of performance.

Training and Feedback: Middle and senior managers are typically charged with developing their people but often lack an approach for accomplishing this. Our Consultative Training and Feedback workshop provides the managers with an approach and a set of tools to effectively coach and mentor their staff members.

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